Below are a few samples of my website designs.

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    • When installing and customizing a Word Press web site, a balanced aesthetic will be incorporated into all features such as site navigation, page layout, image sizing and placement, etc.
    • Cross platform compatibility (between web browsers, tablets and smart phones) or “responsive design” will be implemented in all designs unless otherwise specified by client.
    • No copyrighted materials (images, videos, mp3 files) will be included in the design without written consent of the copyright holder.

The average website design time is 10-12 hours for a five page site. For more details and information, see the set-up page.

Design time is minimized when the “window of time” set aside for the completion of your website is supported by your Content Contributions being sent by email to, or handed over in person.

Your Content Contribution includes, but may not be limited to:

    • All text or copy (in digital format – text files, MS Word files, PDF, email, etc)
    • Page titles and “flow” of information
    • Links
    • Specific images (brochures, logos, headers – formats include .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tif, .pdf)
    • Videos
    • MP3 files(music), etc.
    • Site color scheme

Should the web designer’s time be spent designing images, creating videos and/or searching the web for relevant materials or scanning materials be necessary, this will impact the cost of the site, and will have to be agreed upon beforehand, either at the initial consultation or during the actual design process.

Additional Information:

    • Any errors or inoperative portions of the site are corrected free of charge.
    • Website changes after agreed upon set-up or theme replacement are subject to additional charges.
    • Server-side errors (hosting company) are subject to additional charges.
    • An unobtrusive link will be placed at the bottom or your site saying,” Site Design by Larry Sturgis.”